Week 1: Body Positivity

Week 1: Body Positivity

Every body is a bikini body and whoever says the opposite, is either lying to you or doesn’t know any better! No matter how much you weight or what your body looks like, you’re allowed to feel pretty without shame! The theme of this article is: body positivity. 



First, we have this one-piece swimwear! The material is polyester and the pattern is this stunning flower print.  

Judging by how great the model looks stunning in it, we have no doubt about you! The details are small but at the same time important to make this one-piece worth every penny! 

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Who runs the world? Girls! Never forget about the power you have and always support your fellow women!  

This stunning nightwear dress is so elegant, it couldn’t be worn to parties or gatherings but it’s definitely something you can wear to bed and impress your partner!  

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The last dress is this stunning purple dress that comes in many colors and can be worn on any occasion! 

The quality you’re getting is so great for the price! 

We tried to include every body type, every size and shape because it’s important for us to be very inclusive! 

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